About this project

Experworks arose from a conversation at church several years ago. I and a fellow member noted that it was almost impossible to know what other folks at church did, either for work or play, in order to identify possible resources. I personally had discovered that there were several lawyers at the church who I would have referred cases to if I had known what they did.

This led to a discussion of how to solve this problem. Each of us has said to a friend or acquaintance, "who do we know who…" when trying to find that trusted source who could meet a need. Trust is essential; most of us have numerous advertising and online sources to seek a solution to problems. Those types of resources are limited, however, since there is no network of trust. Experworks allows groups with such a network of trust to facilitate the exchange of information so that group members can find help with needed knowledge, skills, and interests.

These groups come in various forms: your church, your club, your professional group, your alumni group, your friends. Experworks is designed to allow you to share only those items you want to share within and outside each group of which you are a member.

Each group may be private, so only group members are aware it exists and membership is by invitation only (either of the owner or members), be publicly viewable but only accept members by application, or publicly viewable and joinable. Each group may also define the type of information available to members.