Terms of Service

This terms of service agreement is between the registrant of an account for service, referred to as "You" and Experworks, referred to as "We".

For any period in which you are a paid subscriber to the site, we will use our best efforts to provide services within the scope of system function.

We agree not to sell, transfer, or otherwise use (except for system administration, operations and normal internal business process purposes) any information entered into the system. We agree to use our best efforts that the only disclosure to anyone other than you of information provided by you will be in accord with the privacy setting selected by you for that information.

To reduce cost, we make no guarantees of service standards or about any service provided.
You agree that in no event will we or anyone else be liable for anything resulting from services we provide (or don't provide).

If we get sued due to your use of the service, you agree to indemnify us for any expenses, fees, or damages incurred.

Either you or we may terminate services at any time for any reason. If you terminate your subscription, termination will take effect at the end of the current, paid-up subscription period, with no refund of any amount for any period subscribed.

If we terminate service during any paid subscription period longer than one month, we will refund amounts paid for periods after the current month in which services is terminated on a pro-rata basis.

We may change the terms of this agreement at any time with prior notice to you. Use of system services following notification of change of terms will constitute acceptance of those changes.

We live in Texas, so the law of Texas governs.